In the Cnam

The conference will take place in two amphitheatres at the Cnam, located next to Entrance 11 on the ground floor :    The amphitheatre Fourastié (amphi T)  The amphitheatre Prouvé (amphi V)

And in two rooms above :  Salle 11.A2.31  Salle 11.A3.33 These are situated to the left of the Main courtyard (Cour d'Honneur).

Plan Paris 3e des amphithéâtres  Click to enlarge.


Map Click to enlarge. At the Entrance 11, the two amphitheatres :

Entrance 11

The amphitheatre Jean Prouvé is on the left,  the amphitheatre Jean Fourastié is on the right. The two rooms are on the first floor.

Amphi Prouvé et Fourastié